Summary of Second Week

June 9, 2014

Second week begin with self learning of ECDL module 2, the whole day we were busy in practicing, by taking mock tests and finally cleared the final test  of  “IT User Fundamentals”. In the afternoon we have started practising the third module i.e, “Using Outlook/Email and the Internet”.

June 10, 2014

Senate House Library

Senate House Library

On June 10, our first outside official visit was scheduled to the libraries of Senate House and SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). We, all the four fellows along with the Coordinator Kulvinder Kalsey have assembled at Upton Station and started our travel towards the Russell Square where both the Senate House and SOAS Libraries are located.

First we visited the Senate House Library, it is a very huge (seventeen floors), architectural designed and listed building of London. Mura Ghose, Research Librarian, Psychology has welcomed us and given introduction about the Library. Some of us were interested to know more about their collection development policy, archival collection, Mura explained us in detail. Later we started Library tour. We have very much attracted to their in-depth SOAS Librarycollection and comfortable seating arrangements.

After Senate Library visit, we had a group lunch at Russel Park and then went to visit British Museum (BM). We had not enough time to completely go through the BM, we were just able to browse the Museum by walking going through each sections. Its a great experience to look at the vast collections of world’s artefacts and art works at BM which has been dedicated to human history and culture.

At 2:00 pm as per schedule we reached SOAS Library and we were received by Barbara Spina of Teaching and research support services along with two subject librarians Helen Porter (South Asia and Development Studies)  and Dawan Wright (Africa).  For almost an hour we had a discussion with Barbara and the two subject Librarians. During the interaction, Ms. Barbara explained us about best practices that are being used at SOAS Library.

SOAS LibWe had interacted about the current trends in SOAS for the research. After discussion, we have been issued a day pass to enter the Library and then Barbara and her team took us for Library tour. The Library of SOAS is one of the best Libraries meant for the study of Africa, Asia and Middle East. The Library was very busy with the users, we had visited almost all the sections of the Library. We had a detail discussion with the two subject Librarians as well. Their Library web site is very informative and it was impressed me. We have collected various guides, leaflets, promotion materials, so that we can refer to these materials and can design new services at our respective Libraries. They also informed us that we can take up a SOAS Library membership and they have issued us a membership form. I would like to thank Barbara and her team for their kind courtesy extended during our visit. June 11, 2014 We have replaced our visitor ID cards with temporary staff cards at the security gate and then we came to Library and started practicing the third module of ECDL.

As per the invitation, we went to participate in the Vice Chancellor presentation on his “Vision and Strategy for UEL: London Learning University for Civic Engagement Empowering our Students & Staff to became Engaged Exchange Agents in their Communities ” which was held in the East Block conference hall. He has high priorities for engaging and development of East London Workforce,  in addition to creating 21st Century learning ecosystem based on experimental learning and making use of new learning technologies i.e. one stop learning system. His other priorities are transformation in society, quality of life, public health, creating expertise in engaging diversity, same level of success regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion etc. Many thanks to Professor John Joughin, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of UEL for his thought provoking presentation and its really helpful to the future leaders.

June 12, 2014

Cath Johnson has organised  a program on “Shadow Library Service Points” during first half of the day. Cheryl Harris explained us about circulation practices at UEL with demonstration. We understood that how self check-in and  check-out takes place within the Library, she also explained us how the users services, document dues, automatic renewal are working here. Robert Anderson has explained us the reservation system. UEL has well set automated reservation system, it helps Library users to get the document which is on demand easily.  We also practised the automatic check-in and out systems. Alma and 3M together making UEL Library system very cool and easy.

 Counter 1 We had a detailed interaction with Anca Zahan about the other IT support systems such as media support, photocopying, scanning, payments through pre-paid cards. She took us around and shown us the e-learning clusters. UEL Library has created number of clusters, so that users in a small group can interact with the tutors always.


UEL Library has a well established archival section and housing rich collection of Refugee Archives, British Olympic Association (BOA) archives, East London People’s Archives, UNHCR Audio-Video Collection etc. This unique archival section is managing by Mr Paul V. Dudman. We learnt some of the good practices used in archival management and also we have collected information leaflets and brochures related to archival services and collection.


Thanks to Cath Johnson, Paul V. Dudman, Cheryl Harris, Anca Zahan and Robert Anderson for their valuable inputs.

June 13, 2014

We had a nice opportunity to know and learn the latest trends in acquisitions. As I understood that libraries across the UK are following best practises in their acquisitions as per the fast changing trends. For this presentation session, we had two practising and experienced trainers  Ewa Cepuchowicz (Technical Service Coordinator) and Lai-Ki Lok (Assistant Librarian: Metadata and Resource Discovery).   This session was very very interesting & interacting and we have come across some of the latest trends in acquisitions such as Purchase Driven Acquisitions (PDA) for E-books, Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA), Open Access Scholarly Resources, Web resources. I felt PDA and DDA are cost effective models and we can try to implement in India after we goes back. Some of the vendors such as EBL, Dawsonera, Coutts (MyiLibrary) are providing competitive prices based on pay per browse/use and whole book can be acquired if usage is more. This system allows Library system to analyse and consolidate the requirement well before purchasing.

During the session we also learnt about Digital Rights Management (DRM), functionalities of Adobe Digital Edition, Electronic Document Delivery (DLL), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between agreegators/vendors and ALMA, Purchase Order Line (POL) etc.

Many thanks to Ewa and Lai-Ki  for their time and presentations. IMG-20140615-WA0057Second half day was engaged by Gurdish on University/LIS Staffing Structures. This interactive session was held at Staff Common Room in East Block for almost two and half hour. She made us to understand the UEL staff structure and other prominent Universities staff structures as well with the help of flow charts.  Various Library staff structures has been covered separately including UEL. During the discussion, we understood that vertical staff structures gives more efficiency and productivity to the organizations.

Another important aspect Gurdish made us to understand is job descriptions in the UK libraries. I found there is a big difference in the job we carried out at India and African countries as compared to UK. Here works are well defined, candidate has to be well attributed before he/she taken to the job. We tried to clarify many of the things related to description of jobs including short-listing criteria, personal interview, panel constitution for new post etc.

At the end we have given two assignments to work on.

  • Creating a LIS Staffing Structures for our respective libraries
  • To write person specification/attributes for a desired UEL Job

Many thanks to our mentor Gurdish for engaging us and making us to understand the University/LIS staff structure. The session was very fruitful and hope we will make use of it in future.

Our second weekend was equally exciting like first weekend. We have visited Buckingham Palace & London Eye and we enjoyed the serene beauty of Central London once again.


Summary of Second Week

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