Activities during Third Week of Program

Activities during Third Week of Program

Our second week programs were comprising of workshop on “Proactive Project Management”, Visit to British Library, attending ACE showcase & Employment Fair along with the ECDL practices and tests.

June 16, 2014

After the progress review meeting and introduction to the week by Kulvinder, we have worked on updating our blogs and practicing ECDL throughout the day. I could clear the 4th module.


PMW 1 Workshop on Proactive Project Management


June 17-18, 2014

The most exciting workshop on “Proactive Project Management” by the trainer Steve Walker which has scheduled for two days has begin. There were 12 participants in the workshop. For me it is a entirely different kind of workshop which I have attended so far. Steve briefed us about the project(s) in the simple terms. He has divided the participants in to 3 groups comprising of four people in a group. We have been given couple of group activities to prepare and present.

June 19, 2014

We had self learning of ECDL and worked on blogs for some time. Later we all four visited the “ACE showcase & Employment Fair” at Sports Dock. The final year students of “The School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE)” were showcasing their pragmatically imaginative and analyzed projects, which have been developed over the last academic year. The organization of fair was excellent. I had gone through the some of the posters of projects. Students who developed the projects were very eager to explain their works,  I had discussions with the students and tried explore more about projects. Some of the projects related to Cloud Computing, Robotics were quiet interesting. Students from other institutions and schools were also visited the fair.

June 20, 2014

VictoriaIn the Morning session we had a presentation by Victoria Voice on Digital Archives. Victoria has made very useful presentation on East London theater archives, digital preservation coalition (, preservation policy negotiation with vendors etc. We also had a discussion on development of digital archives in Kings College of London, using of Fedora for archiving. Thanks Victoria for making us to understand the development of digital archives.

In the afternoon, along with our mentor Gurdish and Anca, we have started our journey to visit British Library (BL) through DLR. The BL which is situated at St. Pancras, London  serves the researchers, academicians, business and industry people as well as students, in the United Kingdom and rest of the world. The BL is spread over in the area of over 1,12,000 sq metres having 14 floors. It is very interested to know that over 16,000 people uses the Library collection in each day.

BL 1

Our official Library tour was scheduled at 2:00 PM. Mr. Huw Smith, BL has received us and we all introduced to him and our Library tour started with the guidance of Mr. Huw and Lina. He guided us about the history, founder of Library, collection, architecture etc. BL is having architectural and majestic structures with excellent ambiance to study. Both Huw and Lina took us to different sections of Library. Reading rooms are amazing. We also been shown a video of Robots picking up and shelving back books at BL, Yorkshire. We have been introduced to Mr. Hedley  Sutton, who takes care of Archives of Asian collections. He told us very interesting facts about archives which were brought from India Office. He has shown us the documents such as log books which were used by British people while traveling to India during their time of ruling. He also shown us the archives written in multi languages such as Hebrew, Persian.  We also seen world map which was created in 15th Century.

 BL 6 BL 7 We thanked Mr. Huw Smith, Lina Nemanyte and Mr. Hedley  Sutton for their kind courtesy extended during our visit to BL.


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