Fourth Week of Fellowship Program

Fourth Week of Fellowship Program

Our fourth week schedule of fellowship programs are mixture of:

  • Couple of Presentations;
  • Visit to Stratford Library;
  • Adult Learners Week 2014 program on Finding out about University @ USS;
  • Attending “Research Conference”
  • ECDL Practice of Remaining Module

June 23, 2014 (Monday)

We had a review meeting of last week with Kulvinder followed by sharing of last week experiences among fellows. Kulvinder has introduced us to the programs scheduled for this week.


CW Fellows with Kulvinder, Coordinator during 3rd Week Review Meeting

First presentation of the week has started by Adjoa Boateng, Head of Information Services on the topic “Introduction to Collection Development”. The session begin with the interaction on “Acquisition of books and e-books” at UEL. The acquisition of Library resources here is mainly based on learning, teaching needs of students, tutors and research community. We got to know more about London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) which exists for better value and generate savings for member Libraries by the collaborative procurement of Library resources. We also got to know about UEL Library future plans such as acquiring tablets to all the first year students, developing Library apps etc., strategies to increase Library usage. We also had a discussion on RoI, how user needs are changing on par with the advanced technology, promotion of Library usage by increasing awareness about the resources and services. We tried to compare purchase procedures which exists in India and African countries with UK libraries in general and UEL Library in particular.


CW Fellows with Adjoa Boateng, Head of Information Services, UEL

After having lunch at beautiful dock bed of UEL, we had a self training of ECDL. Later we had a very exciting and informative session on “University Strategies” by Gurdish. The session started with the brief introduction to strategy, types of strategies, building strategies to achieve excellence in the University. We came to know more about UEL’s progressive, structured and information strategy for next couple of years.  Gurdish explained us on the past plans, strategies and policies formed for the Library of University of Salford with the statistical data. She made us to understand how various strategies have been formed in the UEL to acquire new LMS, purchases of Library resources etc. We also came to know more about the  intersection of IT with Library applications and services in UEL. Gurdish has presented us the comparative usage status of Library resources of last years with the help graphs. It is surprise to know that UEL usage of electronic resources is much more high and increasing steadily as compare to rest of the  Universities.

We, all the commonwealth fellows has tried to compare our Universities/Institutions plans, strategies and their execution in comparison with UK libraries.

Many thanks to Adjoa and Gurdish for their inputs and thoughtful information.

June 24, 2014 (Tuesday)

2014-06-24 11.11.58


We all the four CW fellows visited Stratford campus Library in the first half of the day and worked on our assignments and ECDL practice. In the mean time I tried to looked at the collections and infrastructure of the Library. They have got splendid learning space with in the Library. I liked the quiet study area which exists in the second floor of the Library.



In the afternoon, as per the schedule we have attended a workshop organised by University Square Stratford, UEL on “Finding out about University”. This program was quiet interested for me as USS (UEL) and Birkbeck (UoL) have organised the program for the public to know more about the University. Some of the important topics covered in the workshop are:

  • What Courses are available by Anna Murphy
  • How to apply by Leila Baker
  • Life at University: Top 10 tips by Jasbir Panesar
  • Effective Study Skills by Sarah Potter
  • How to get into University: Different options by Daphne Burke
  • Study with Birkbeck by Patrice Buddington

2014-06-24 15.29.11  

From this workshop I can clearly make out the differences of our Indian system and system exist here. Here universities are trying to highlight the importance of their existence in the society with their available courses, infrastructure and services, how to get admission, competencies and skills required whilst studying in the universities etc.

June 25, 2014 (Wednesday)

We got an opportunity to attend one day UEL Research Conference 2014 at Sports Dock. The conference started with the registration, coffee followed by the opening remarks by the dynamic Vice Chancellor of UEL Professor John Joughin. He has shared his future strategic plans for the University which was followed by questions and answers.

2014-06-25 09.14.31

Prof. John Joughin, VC of UEL delivering Inaugural Speech

2014-06-25 09.32.54

CW fellows with the Vice Chancellor

The research conference had total 36 presentations held in four parallel sessions. Eminent researchers in the different areas such as Computer Science, Criminology, Engineering,  Journalism, Psychology, Medicine,  etc. have delivered speeches. Most of the talks were useful to me but I could able to attend few. The talks I have attended are:

  • Streets for Cyborgs: The electronic Flaneur and the Posthuman City by Debra Benita Shaw
  • The art of journalism? Searching for new ways of doing news by Andrew Calcutt
  • Participation, power, emotion and decision making in relation to failing social work students: An ethnographic and practice near exploration of practice assessment panels by Jo Finch
  • Can we predict Crime by Allan Brimicombe
  • A place of their own? The Docklands campus in students’ narratives and photography by Angie Voella
  • Stories of hopes: A narrative practice in wider communities by Ho Chung Law & Naomi Mwasambili
  • The final frontier: Widening participation to postgraduate study by Anthony Hudson
  • Can I do it backwards? Bots, coding, games design and the new UK primary school National Curriculum for Computing by Stacey Pogoda

From this conference I could see the big differences between conferences happens at our universities and here mainly in-terms of content quality, knowledge of speakers, confining to the content delivery rather than luxurious opening and closing ceremonies. All together it is very different experience for me and I enjoyed a lot.

June 26, 2014 (Thursday)

We had very useful and interacting sessions on “Introduction to Electronic Services” by Russell Kennedy and Institutional Repository: ROAR by Stephen Grace.

Mr. Russel brought out certain issues related to electronic services @ UEL. We understood the structure and services of Metalib, Metalib interface with ALMA, how to add up portfolio community, updating and localization. We also got to know the uses of athens, open access resources, web site development at UEL. Another important aspect we discussed was DDA (Document Driven Acquisition). I feel DDA is a emerging concept and it is cost effective as well. We may think of introducing DDA in our subscriptions as well. Russel also explained us the copyrights issues, CLA, academic guidance for copying, scanning etc.


Myself and Mr. Raphael with Mr. Russell Kennedy

In the afternoon session Mr. Stephen Grace has made us to understand the structure and development of Institutional Repository (ROAR). UEL has developed a IR using EPrints, one of the popular open access software. We came to know that , in UK most of the Libraries using EPrints due to the developmental capabilities and fundamental disagreements with other IR softwares. He made us to understand the embargo issues, author/creator rights, green & golden open access, pre-print and accepted manuscript hosting etc, author rights. He also highlighted the services of Sherpa/Romeo/Juliet web portals with reference to the development, ranking of IRs. In the session, we tried to clear certain doubts relating to the design and development of IRs especially institutional policy, access rights etc.


CW Fellows with Mr. Stephen Grace

Both the sessions were thought provoking, hopefully we will try to make use of their presentations in the building of effective electronic services and institutional repositories in our respective institutions. Thanks to Mr. Russell and Mr. Stephen.

At the end of the day, I have taken 6th module ECDL test and cleared with 97% …….!!!!

June 27, 2014 (Friday)

In first half of the day I have completely involved in the completion of first assignment (Present and proposed Organizational Structure for our respective libraries) given by Gurdish. And in the second half of the day I started preparing for  the second assignment and in the mean time I have updated my blog.

As a whole fourth week program of fellowship was very fruitful and I had unforgettable experiences in terms of learning. Hoping to enjoy weekend.


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