Record of 9th Week Fellowship Work

Ninth week of fellowship programme was consists of writing and discussions on assignments, presentations by Subject Librarian, shadowing of  Library services @ UEL etc.

Monday – July 28, 2014

In the morning session we were busy in completing the third assignment given by Gurdish. The assignments are:  

1(a) Outline portfolio of library services you are offering currently. 

  (b) Outline future desired portfolio of library services you wish to offer. It could be demanded  

   by your management, user community or changing nature of the library itself. 

2 (a) List the current skill set of your teams 

   (b) List the future skill set you would require to deliver identified services in 1(b). 

In the second half, we had a last week’s review meeting with the Gurdish. All of us informed how much the contents of the copyright workshop will be useful for us. Madam highlighted about certain issues related to creative common licenses, how copyrights laws are being followed in UK etc. We also have given the feedback of our last week Imperial College visit. 

Later Gurdish has started discussion on issues related to Circulation, which had raised by Raphael. She told us about how introduction of auto renewals helped the UEL Library as a value added service, how customer satisfaction and usage had gone up. Also she mentioned how the shelving problem of huge number of books used to return during Christmas time had been solved. She also told about the cons of auto renewals. Some of the cons are: Books will be held up with only few users and new users may not get the visibility of books on shelves, fine income will be reduced, users may loose the book . At the end we had a discussion on next batch of Commonwealth Fellowship Program in which Gurdish is switching over from Library Science with IT professionals due to her change in responsibility as a IT Strategist at the UEL. Thanks to Gurdish for such as informative discussions and inputs.

Tuesday – July 29, 2014

Had a discussion with Robin Stinson, Subject Librarian for Social Work, Psycho-social Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, ICT Studies, and International Development regarding the few presentations which he is going to give for commonwealth fellows. Updated the blog contents of last week. Had a quick meeting with the Gurdish in the afternoon at the Library. 

Wednesday – July 30, 2014

Attended a presentation of Robin Stinson, Subject Librarian on the topic “Resources for Social Sciences” at the ECDL lab. He gave introduction to the PG level programs running at the UEL: MA in International Social Work; NGO; Refugees Study; areas cover in the School of Law & Social Sciences. He has demonstrated the areas in which databases available for the students and staff. Areas covered are: Anthropology; ICT on International Development; International Development; NGO Management; Psychosocial Studies; Refugees Studies; Social Enterprises; Sociology. 

Robin has covered some of the dissertation topics in Social Sciences: Humanitarian Aid & Children; American Hegemony; Postpartum Depriving & Teenage Mother; Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone; Transracial Adoption; Knife Crime; Child Poverty in Britain; Climate Change; Domestic Violence & Children; Colonialism & South Asia; Vulnerable Adults; Children Leaving Care; Youth Gangs in London; Domestic Violence & Children. 

CW Fellows with Robin Stinson, Subject Librarian

CW Fellows with Robin Stinson, Subject Librarian

Robin has demonstrated the prominent resources meant for Social Science areas. List of those resources are: ABI/Inform; EBSCO Academic Search Complete; EBSCO GreenFile; EBSCO PsycArticles;  PsycINFO; JSTOR; NEXIS; Oxford Journals Online; PEP; Sage; ScienceDirect; Scopus; Taylor & Francis; Social Care Online. He also mentioned the other databases having access are: Government publications; Databases on Charities; Statistics and Social Trends. He made the points on how further assistances are giving to users. Few of them are: Subject pages from the Library and Learning web pages; Harvard referencing; Question Point (Online chat); One-to-one session. He explained on very useful online resource “Cite then Right”, which is the essential referencing resource. This online resource will help users to reference just about any source, and understand how to avoid plagiarism (citethemrightonline). Many thanks to Robin for highlighting study areas and Library resources available in Social Sciences at UEL. In the second half of the day I have started refering to online version of citethemright

Thursday – July 31, 2014         

The whole day I was busy I shadowing of info skills information and  cite them right online resource which are available in the UEL site. Info skills is very useful information source for all the students and staff of the University. It gives complete insight about the academic integrity, plagiarism, referencing, observing copyright etc.  On the other hand “cite them right” is a online resource for users to learn the principles of referencing. This resource helps students to find out the key concepts of common knowledge and plagiarism. After shadowing these two sources , I got an idea how to start similar services in my home institution.

Friday – August 1, 2014

In the first half of the day I have worked on the assignment “future desired portfolio of library services and skill set required to deliver desired library services”. 

In the second half we had a vibrant session with the Gurdish on portfolio of library Services and Skills and prioritization with BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Matrix. Each one of us explained about the services and skills mentioned in the assignments and Gurdish gave an idea that what services and skills suits to our work environment. Madam has made us to understand the pros and cons in developing new services and skills, what are the planning and initiatives are required. Whilst  discussing project she had given idea of using crowd sourcing method to start with and convert in to crowd funding. Also she gave an idea of having disposal policy for books and other materials in the Library. In the discussion I have got a many clues on having focus group, developing man power with diverse skills, using Deepdyve services for article purchases and YBP for books purchases. 

Then Gurdish has explained the basic concepts and structure of BCG matrix and she shown us how we can prioritize our portfolio of library services and skills to further planning and implementation. I got many clues on risk and impact of various library services which we offer and where low and high commitment is required. BCG matrix is a best model for prioritizing of experimental and developmental activities and work. At the end Gurdish explained us how to do activity based costing with the example. 

During the session with Gurdish on "Prioritizing Services and Skills/BCG Matrix" at Dock Lands, UEL

During the session with Gurdish on “Prioritizing Services and Skills/BCG Matrix” at Dock Lands, UEL

This session is a very important and useful as we all tried to use our work experiences, skills and the knowledge we gained here to complete the assignments. The inputs we received from the mentor will definitely help us to develop need based services and skill set in our respective libraries in future. Many thanks to Gurdish. 

Our 9th week ended here. Looking for a nice weekend and planned to visit Science & History Museum @ South Kensington. 



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