Fellowship: Eleventh Week Updates

​In the eleventh week we had couple of discussions with the mentor on “Project Plans”, visit to Birmingham Public Library and started writing our reports.
On 11th and 12th of August I had gone through the some of the the draft project proposals of UEL. These drafts are very helpful for me to write my future project plans for the better results.
On 13th of August, we all fellows along with mentor visited the Birmingham public Library as a part of study tour. Birmingham Public Library is located at Centenary Square, Birmingham. The library, which is estimated to have cost £188.8 million, is viewed by the Birmingham City Council as a flagship project for the city’s redevelopment (Wikipedia). It has been described as the largest public library in the United Kingdom, the largest public cultural space in Europe, and the largest regional library in Europe (Wikipedia), Quiet a lot to learn and take away from here .
Birmigham1 Birmigham2 Birmigham3 Birmigham4 Birmigham5 Birmigham6 Birmigham7 Birmigham8 Birmigham9
On 14th of August I was going through the project proposals of UEL and I spent some time by thinking about writing the reports of fellowship.

On 15th of August we had a very interactive session with Gurdish on project plans. We tried to clarify many doubts which we had while writing a effective project. Madam explained the steps involved in the plan from the template of “Project Brief”. Some of the important aspects of project briefing are: Identifying key drivers; Objectives and Scope; Assumptions; Constraints; Deliverable’s/Desired outcomes;  Acceptance criteria/Key Milestones and Targets; University Strategic Framework; Departmental strategic objective; Impact etc. This session was highly useful for me as I learnt a lot on preparations and planning while writing a project.  I also understood that project writing should be systematic and scientific to get better results. Thanks to Gurdish.



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